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Recently had to bond out a friend, the process was super simple, efficient, and the whole experience was all-in-all a good one. 10/10 would recommend. Dawn made the process smooth, shes highly knowledgeable, and fun to work with. Wouldn’t go to anyone else

B “Perk” Perkins

Colorado Springs Local

Dawn is absolutely amazing. I cant praise her enough. If you are needing a professional who knows what they’re doing call Dawn. She got my loved one out in 1 day while others wasted weeks of my time.

Denelia Dunn

Community Coordinator

Having to call a bondsmen means you are experiencing one of the worst nightmares of having a loved one in jail. I couldn’t more thankful and blessed that I called advanced bail bonds. Dawn and jimmy were so understanding, caring and walked me through every step. More so because the courts are so confusing right now we had a misunderstanding of court dates. They were amazing and jumped through hoops to help my loved one get a new court date. They definitely go far and beyond the call of duty.

Lele Thompkins

Colorado Local