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At Advanced Bail Bonds, we understand that every situation is unique. To provide our clients with the best solutions, we offer GPS ankle monitor services as part of our comprehensive bail bonding offerings. These advanced monitoring devices not only help ensure compliance with court-ordered conditions but also provide an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

Why Choose GPS Ankle Monitors?

1. Enhanced Accountability:

  • GPS ankle monitors offer a reliable method for tracking the whereabouts of defendants. This transparency can be crucial for court appearances and adhering to bail conditions.

2. Flexibility and Freedom:

  • Ankle monitors allow defendants to maintain some degree of freedom while under bail conditions. This may include continuing to work, attend school, or care for their families.

3. Safety and Security:

  • For both clients and the community, GPS ankle monitors contribute to overall safety. Monitoring helps ensure that defendants are where they should be and can deter potential violations.

Our GPS Ankle Monitor Services

Monitoring Setup: Our experienced team will set up the GPS ankle monitor and ensure that it functions properly. We’ll explain how to wear and maintain the device.

24/7 Monitoring: Rest assured, we offer round-the-clock monitoring services to track the defendant’s location and movements.

Alerts and Reporting: In case of violations, our system immediately notifies the relevant parties, allowing for swift actions to address any issues.

Compliance Reporting: We provide regular reports on the defendant’s activities, which can be valuable for court appearances and ensuring adherence to bail conditions.

Removal Services: When the time comes for the ankle monitor to be removed, we’ll handle the process efficiently and in compliance with court orders.

Ankle Monitoring

GPS Fees


One Time Fee


Until Bond Is Cleared


+$600 One Time Travel Fee

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