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Once a person is arrested, they're usually taken to a detention facility for booking. At this time, the authorities will record the accused's personal information, take photos and fingerprints, and document the information about the alleged crime. Records will be searched for any previous offenses or outstanding warrants. After that, the accused will be placed in a holding cell.

Typical arrest and booking procedures

What happens next

After the arrest, bail will be set. It is required to set the bail within 12 hours of the issuance of the complaint. Usually, a judge or magistrate sets the bail amount. Most jails have standard bail schedules that specify bail amounts for common crimes. The bail system is designed to guarantee the appearance of the defendant in court.


If the bail is posted and there are no other charges pending, the defendant is released until the charges are resolved. The defendant will be free on bail as long as the bail's conditions are met. For some defendants, the bail may be set higher or it may be denied. The judge's primary concern is the protection of the community, taking into account the criminal record of the accused.

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What to expect when you're arrested

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